Hardwood floors

Hardwood Flooring Options for Any Budget

Hardwood is a super versatile flooring option with a variety of price points. Whether you’re trying to save or looking to splurge, here are a list of hardwoods that could work for your home.

floor coverings alpharetta pine floor


Pine is a bright, beautiful, and budget-friendly option for your home. Pine is classified as a softwood, not a hardwood. As the name suggests, pine isn’t quite as durable as other hardwood species, such as hickory and oak. However, it’s still a durable and visually appealing addition to any home. Pine could be the perfect way to add warmth and natural light to your home.

floor coverings alpharetta hickory floors

Hickory Hardwood

Hickory hardwood is a classically beautiful and extremely durable option for your home. With warm, mid-toned shades and distinct grain patterns, hickory is a classically beautiful option for your home. It’s also an extremely durable hardwood, with a Janka rating of over 1800. Hickory is also one of the more affordable hardwood options.

floor coverings alpharetta maple floors


Maple is a stunning, sought-after hardwood option. The reddish hue of maple sets it apart from other hardwood options, lending a beautiful warmth to your home. Maple is less durable than hickory but more durable than pine, about on par with oak hardwood. Though maple grows across North America, this hardwood species is middling in price.

floor coverings alpharetta brazillian walnut floor

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian walnut is an extremely durable option for your home. Brazilian walnut spans a variety of shades, from mid-toned to rich, dark brown. It’s common to find Brazilian walnut hardwood floors with a warm reddish tint. While this wood isn’t cheap on its own, the hardness of Brazilian walnut – over 3000 on the Janka Hardness Scale – makes installation difficult and expensive, with special tools being required.

floor coverings alpharetta tigerwood floor


Tigerwood is an exotic hardwood species found primarily in Western Africa and Brazil. This stunning hardwood is named after its distinct grain pattern and orange hue. The exotic origins and beautiful grain pattern of tigerwood make it one of the more expensive hardwood options for your home. This is a stunning and eye-catching hardwood option for homeowners who are willing to splurge.

floor coverings alpharetta karelian birch hardwood floor

Karelian Birch Hardwood

Karelian birch hardwood is birch with a distinct, sought-after grain pattern. This grain pattern is what makes Karelian birch one of the most expensive hardwood species. This rare pattern only grows in a select amount of birch trees. For optimum coloring and pattern, the trees can only be harvested during winter. This limited supply only aids in driving prices up. The grain pattern of Karelian birch includes wave-like patterns and swirls, and subtle color differences that polish beautifully.

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